IPSCO establishes Frontier Pipe Research Unit

February 17, 2005

IPSCO Inc. today announced an investment of $3.5 million to set up a Frontier Pipe Research Unit specifically dedicated to accelerating development of the company's large diameter capability. The research capability will be used to focus on the specific steel and pipe needs for large diameter energy transmission lines.

In addition, research work related to other energy tubular products, such as casing and tubing for frontier environments and other advanced energy sector steel products, will be studied. The unit is expected to maintain a $3 million annual operating budget.

The unit will be located at the company's Research and Development Facility in Regina, Saskatchewan to take advantage of its existing research resources and its large diameter pipe forming mills. Dr. Laurie Collins, an expert in alloy design, property assessment, and steel and line pipe processing, will lead the unit. Fathi Hamad, MSc., a welding and pipe processing specialist at IPSCO will assist Dr. Collins, along with some of the company's top applied metallurgists, engineers, and processing specialists.

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