Thermatool provides equipment for Kubiec-Conduit mill

May 27, 2014

Thermatool, located in East Haven, Conn., has supplied a 200-kW HAZControl™ technology welding machine and an Alpha® Flying Shear Mach 2 cutoff to Kubiec-Conduit, Ecuador. The two new pieces of equipment are used for high-speed production of conduit.

The welding machine allows the operator to select an optimal welding frequency and to maintain the selected power and frequency through a mill run at any given time. The recipe-driven HF welding system also gives operators the ability to repeat Vee length using the Vee Axis™ control.

The cutoff cuts conduit at up to 500 FPM. It is fitted with a TRC series double-cut dieset for inline, dimple-free cutting.

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