TMK IPSCO to move corporate headquarters to Houston

August 21, 2012

TMK IPSCO, the North American division of global pipe manufacturer TMK, will be moving its corporate headquarters from Downers Grove, Ill., to Houston.

"Houston is the hub of the global oil and gas industry; it’s important for the company to be positioned there to facilitate relationships with key customers, attract and retain energy-industry talent, and demonstrate our commitment to the industry," said Piotr Galitzine, chairman of TMK IPSCO.

The company will begin the transition from Illinois to Texas over the next several months, with expected completion of the move by the summer of 2013. Most employees will be housed at TMK IPSCO’s newly built R&D center in Houston. The company plans to build a new corporate headquarters facility in the next two years. Customers can expect uninterrupted service and delivery during the transition.

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