E.J. Bartells installs waterjet cutting system

January 10, 2011

E.J. Bartells installs waterjet cutting system - TheFabricator.com

E.J. Bartells has installed a Jet Edge waterjet cutting machine at its insulation, refractories, and HVAC fabrication facility in Spokane, Wash. The company provides thermal and acoustical-related products ranging from -350-degree-F cryogenics material to 3,000-degree-F high-temperature refractory material to contractors and end users in nine Pacific Northwest and western states.

The new Jet Edge Mid Rail Gantry system features two-click file changeovers, common-line cutting, rapid traversing, and simplified pump maintenance. According to E.J. Bartells, a part that used to take seven minutes to process now takes two minutes, including loading, cutting, and unloading. File changeover can be achieved while the intensifier is running.

The system can cut at 500 IPM. It uses common-line cutting and is capable of rapid traversing at 800 IPM to get the waterjet cutting head out of the way for loading and unloading. Intensifier seal changes average 45 minutes. The waterjet pump features a remote start.

With headquarters in Renton, Wash., E.J. Bartells has several branch locations in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Utah, Colorado, and Montana.

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