Aluminum welding resource guide available from AWS

May 13, 2008

The American Welding Society (AWS) has published a resource manual entitled . The 192-page book by Tony Anderson, a 40-year welding industry veteran, includes a comprehensive listing of frequently asked questions and answers, general information and guidelines, and feature articles on welding aluminum.

The manual provides practical information for troubleshooting aluminum welding problems. It also discusses the dramatic changes in aluminum welding caused by the emergence of new welding techniques and advanced materials.

The guide includes chapters on the advancement of aluminum and aluminum welding within several manufacturing industries, an overview of aluminum alloys and metallurgy, aluminum welding discontinuities and weld testing, processes and procedures, and codes and standards. The book also provides an overview of the history of aluminum welding and common welding processes.

The book has eight chapters, 10 reference tables, and 77 figures.

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