GMAW machine has seven voltage taps

October 9, 2007

The 77-lb. Handler® 210 all-in-one GMAW machine from Hobart Welding Products has 25 to 210 amps of welding power in a 77-lb. package. It welds mild steel up to 3/8 in. and aluminum up to 1/4 in., yet provides low-end control that enables it to weld 24-ga. material without burn-through or excess spatter. The machine plugs into a standard 230-VAC outlet and provides full output power with a normal 35-amp breaker.

The machine has seven voltage taps, upgraded inductance on magnets, and infinite wire-feed speed control. A seven-position tapped control simplifies voltage (heat) adjustment. Users can select a precise voltage range for increased control over heat input, which is suitable for welding thin materials and accommodates welding preferences for travel speed, joint design, welding position, wire diameter, and shielding gas composition.

The machine features a built-in gas valve and comes with a dual-gauge regulator and gas hose to enable GMAW with gas-shielded solid wires without purchasing additional kits. A built-in contactor keeps the welding wire electrically cool until the trigger is pulled. Without this feature, the wire would arc if touched to the workpiece, the company states.

An optional DP-3035 spool gun reaches up to 20 ft. and allows welders to switch between wires. The gun accommodates aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and self-shielded, flux-cored wire.

To install the spool gun, the welder removes the standard GMAW gun, plugs the spool gun lead into the feed head, attaches the trigger lead to the front panel, and flips a switch on the inside panel.

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