Pulsed GMAW system designed for aluminum welding

November 6, 2007

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.'s aluminum welding system features an enhanced Millermatic®l 350P all-in-one GMAW pulse machine combined with the company's XR™-Aluma-Pro™ push-pull gun. The system includes the welding machine; a 25-ft., air-cooled gun; reversible, 0.035-in. to 3/64-in. u-groove drive rolls; and a Teflon® intermediate guide.

The machine includes new pulse programming to meet the requirements of 4000- and 5000-series aluminum and help provide a forgiving arc and increased consumable life, says the company. When combined with the gun, calibration software synchronizes the motor speeds in the gun and power source for optimal feeding. Additionally, an aluminum series-specific tension setting on the push-pull gun helps eliminate wire-feeding problems and erratic arcs caused by an operator setting too much or too little wire tension.

Pulse programs help reduce the factors that adversely affect tip life and arc performance, especially with 5000-series wire, states the manufacturer. The machine features wire-specific programs designed to help maintain optimal peak, background, and pulse width parameters to extend tip life and increase service life, the company says.

When switching wire types, operators turn the selector to one series-specific tension setting or the other to get the optimal tension setting for that wire.

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