Push-pull welding guns designed for aluminum fabrication, production welding environments

January 12, 2010

Lincoln Electric has introduced two push-pull welding gun models for aluminum fabrication and production welding environments.

The Panther™ semiautomatic, gooseneck-style gun provides smooth wire feeding with dual-driven rolls for added pulling power without damaging the wire. It also features a full-length, internal wire conduit to minimize aluminum wire shaving.

Its Sure Grip&trade handle has a snagproof, rear-mounted trigger and a multi-turn potentiometer to make wire feed speed changes. Its Quick-Mate™ gun cables can be upgraded to different lengths or water-cooled operation.

The Cougar™ is a semiautomatic, pistol-grip gun. The handle is balanced to fit in either hand. The refined wire feed speed adjustment features a multi-turn potentiometer that allows both left- and right-handed operators to make wire feed speed changes. A recessed gun trigger configuration helps eliminate accidental breaking.

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