Robotic aluminum GMAW system added to product line

March 11, 2008

Panasonic Factory Solutions Co. of America has added TAWERS-Aluminum MIG to its TAWERS robot line. Suitable for high-performance, push-pull aluminum feeding, the system uses a three-motor system to ensure a quick and accurate wire feed.

A standard bus communication interface controls the robot's lift arc start and end. The robot knows when current is flowing and retracts to take pressure off the wire to optimize arc ignition.

The syncro-weaving function and servo feeder provide real-time parameter adjustment from thick to thin materials for penetration on the thick and no burn-through on the thin. This is designed to help the operator locate joints for extrusion and thin-to-thick welding applications. The system can use high-voltage touch sensing through aluminum oxide, which helps speed response and prevent wire bending.

Users can convert existing TAWERS robots to TAWERS-Aluminum MIG with the aluminum GMAW unit and software, the company reports.