5,500 generator offers low dB

February 8, 2005

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. offers the Legend® 302 gas engine-driven welding generator, a low-speed generator that produces 5,500 W of peak power and 5,000 W of continuous power at 1,800 RPM. At 1,800 RPM, noise levels are 66 dB with a 3,000-W load.

The machine has a rated output of 240 amps/25 V at 3,000 RPM (73 dB) and a rated output of 300 amps/25 V at 3,600 RPM (75 dB).

The machine's digital meters feature SunVision™ technology. Readable in direct sunlight, the meters display preset amperage and voltage when not welding, actual amperage and voltage during welding and for five seconds after welding has stopped. The meters have a separate oil change interval display, which provides a 100- to zero-hour countdown to indicate when an oil change should be performed.

A 12-gal. fuel tank—20 percent larger than previous versions—allows 20 hours of operation on a typical job using 1/8-in. 7018 electrodes at 125 amps with a 20 percent duty cycle.

The machine features four preset DIG settings and a combined DIG and process switch. The preset settings are soft arc and smooth 7018 performance; medium-soft driving arc; medium-stiff driving arc; and driving arc for applications such as pipe welding.

The machine also offers Adaptive Hot Start™ for SMAW, which automatically sets starting amperage, and Lift-Arc™/scratch start GTAW with Auto-Stop, which helps prevent weld contamination and improves DC starts. The Auto-sSop feature allows arc stopping without losing shielding gas coverage. Voltage-sensing wire feeders enhance GMAW and FCAW performance, the company says.

The machine has a fully enclosed case. Removable service doors facilitate maintenance, even when truck-mounted.

The fully enclosed case design helps reduce noise levels to 75.5 dB at rated load, one-third quieter than previous models, the company says. A redesigned airflow path allows air to escape through only one exit port on top of the back panel. This location minimizes the chance of airflow blockage when the unit is truck-mounted and decreases the chances of hot air re-entering the unit.

XENOY® high-impact plastic resin armor covers the entire machine front, the edges of the front panel, receptacle covers, and output studs. It offers impact resistance at both high and low temperatures and provides chemical resistance.

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