7-axis welding robot offers improved torch access into tight places

July 14, 2009

Motoman has introduced the seven-axis VA1400 Versatile Arc welding robot. Located in the lower arm, the seventh (E) axis acts as an elbow, which helps improve torch access into tight places and allows the robot to reach both sides of a part. The robot is available in floor-, wall-, or ceiling-mounted configurations and is suitable for high-density layouts.

The robot has a 6.6-lb. payload, 56.5-in. horizontal reach, 97.4-in.vertical reach, and &#plusmn;0.003-in. repeatability. Integrated through-the-arm torch cabling helps eliminate cable interference, simplify programming, and reduce cable wear. Power cable and welding utilities (gas and air hoses) can be routed through the robot base.

The robot's DX100 controller includes patented multiple robot control technology to handle multiple tasks and control up to eight robots (72 axes), I/O devices, and communication protocols. It uses a Windows(R) CE programming pendant with color touchscreen.

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