AC/DC welding power source produces GTAW, SMAW welds in various materials

October 13, 2009

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced the CaddyTig 2200i AC/DC power source, designed to produce GTAW and SMAW welds in a variety of materials. The compact power source features advanced inverter technology and an impact-resistant, lightweight polymer and aluminum casing.

The unit's control panels present all welding parameters in an easy-to-understand layout, the company reports. Two-program function allows preprogramming and program changes during welding. The pulse GTAW feature allows improved control of heat input and the weld pool, and the micropulse feature helps minimize the HAZ, particularly on thin metals. Other features include a hot start and arc force settings.

The QWave™ feature provides low noise, and the AC frequency and balance control helps optimize the weld pool. Other features include electrode preheating to help improve starts and extend electrode life.