Air compressor/generator/welding machine welds at up to 350 amps

May 12, 2009

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the Trailblazer® 302 Air Pak™ gasoline engine-driven welding machine, generator, and air compressor. It is designed to serve as a self-contained power source that welds at up to 350 amps and provides 13,000 W of Accu-Rated™ generator power and 26 CFM at 100 percent duty cycle.

The unit's rotary screw air compressor delivers 70 to 160 PSI of air with no storage tank required. It runs most air impact wrenches at idle and provides 100 percent deliverable air. It can work with 1/4-in. carbons (rated 3/16 in.) for most applications. It also provides enough power and air pressure to run the manufacturer's full line of portable Spectrum® plasma cutters with a rated cut of 5/8 in.

With a 30-HP Kohler gas engine, the unit weighs 771 lbs. and measures 59-1/2 in. long by 20 in. wide by 34-1/4 in. high. It occupies up to 50 percent less truck space and up to 25 percent less axle weight compared to using a separate engine-driven air compressor, the company states.

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