Antispatter coating protects welding equipment

September 5, 2012

Antispatter coating protects welding equipment -

Henkel Corp. has introduced Loctite® SF7900™ Ceramic Shield for Welding, a silicone-free, sprayable protective coating that prevents spatter adhesion on manual and automatic GMAW equipment for up to eight hours with one application. The coating shields contact tips, welding nozzles, shrouds, and jigs from spatter.

Also designed for use on laser and plasma cutting equipment and spot welding machines, the coating delivers both physical and thermal protection. It dries in seconds to protect the shroud from spatter and allow uninterrupted gas flow and processing. No chemical cleaners or cleaning equipment is required; weld spatter can be swept up with a soft brush.

The product also can be used to protect power cables, sensors, metal components, and the jaws of spot welding systems for up to one week.