Antispatter, cooling fluids introduced for welding applications

April 1, 2013

Thermacut has introduced three new welding chemical products: a heavy-duty antispatter and two glycol-based cooling fluids.

The nonflammable, solvent-based antispatter evaporates quickly to provide an effective surface coating. By preventing spatter buildup in welding applications, the antispatter eliminates the need to grind or brush the surface after welding.

The cooling fluids are designed and recommended for use in plasma, GTAW, GMAW, and resistance welding systems, as well as general industrial applications. They help eliminate the internal buildup of mineral deposits during welding and cutting operations. The coolants also lubricate the pump, the liner, and the gasket and seal. Thermally stable and featuring dielectric properties, the cooling liquids are suitable for plasma and arc welding, as well as GTAW systems.

CFPG cooling fluid, a nonhazardous blend, is an inhibited blend of deionized water and propylene glycol. Its corrosion inhibitors protect iron, steel, aluminum, brass, and copper components. CF2 cooling fluid is an inhibited blend of deionized water and ethylene glycol. With a low viscosity, it doesn’t require as much power to pump.

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