Arc welding power sources are lightweight, compact

October 12, 2004

Multiquip offers the GAW-135H and GAW-180HE lightweight, compact arc welding power sources.

The GAW-135H combines 135 amps of DC welding power and 1.5-kW AC output. With a dry weight of 110 lbs. (49 kg), the unit is up to 45 percent lighter than other machines in its class, the company says. It fits into areas typically too confined for larger units. It can be mounted to service trucks or on high-reach baskets and is suitable for a variety of utility welding applications.

A six-position dial with settings of 40, 60, 80, 100, 115, and 135 amps controls the current. A 5.5-H P Honda GX-200 gasoline engine fuels the machine.

The GAW-180HE is a 180-amp, 3-kW generator. It is engineered with a permanent magnet alternator and weighs 242 lbs. (110 kg). An 11-HP Honda GX-340 gasoline engine powers the machine. It has an adjustable current range form 50 to 180 amps. A 20-amp GFCI receptacle and 30-twist lock receptacle are provided.

An arc force control feature lets the operator fine-tune DC during low-voltage welding conditions and prevents electrodes from sticking during short-arc-length welding.

Standard features on both models include wing nut connections for the welding cables, idle control, and low-oil shutdown.

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