Auto-darkening welding helmet features four sensors, grind/weld modes

March 11, 2014

The new Tweco® four-sensor, auto-darkening welding helmet from Victor Technologies™ can be used in both weld mode and grind mode. It darkens during GTAW, even at 5 amps. Available in three styles — Patriot Eagle, Skull & Fire, and Yellow Dragon — the solar-powered helmet has a large viewing area of 3.86 by 1.69 in. and weighs 16 oz.

When switching from light to dark, the helmet darkens in 1/30,000 sec. When switching from dark to light, users can select from three switching speeds: short (0.25 to 0.35 sec.), medium (0.35 to 0.50 sec.), and long (0.50 to 0.80 sec.).

The sensitivity and delay knobs are placed on the outside of the helmet shell so that operators can make adjustments while welding. A recessed lens prevents the faceplate from touching the table when the helmet is set down, protecting it from scratches.