Autodarkening welding helmets feature LCD optics

September 19, 2011

Autodarkening welding helmets feature LCD optics -

The new VIKING™ 3350 series autodarkening welding helmets from Lincoln Electric feature LCD optics for a clear, natural view in varied ambient light settings. The solar-powered helmets, augmented with a user-replaceable lithium battery, have a 3.34-in.-high viewing area in a U.S.-standard 5.25- by 4.50-in. cartridge shell.

The helmets are suitable for SMAW, GTAW, pulsed GTAW, GMAW, pulsed GMAW, and FCAW, as well as gouging and grinding. An internal switch allows users to toggle shade control between 6 and 9 or 10 and 13 for handling plasma cutting to heavy-plate welding. Internally mounted controls can be used to pretest helmet and battery condition before welding.

Continuously variable delay allows users to vary how quickly the helmet returns from a darkened view back to a light state, while continuously variable sensitivity makes the helmet adaptable to different welding environments and lighting conditions. The helmets have four independent arc sensors that help users avoid blind spots.

The 21-oz. helmets feature a grind mode control that allows them to be used as grinding shields for weld prep or postweld cleanup activities.

The helmets come in standard black and four graphic styles: Patriot™, Tribal™, Motorhead™, and Chip Foose-designed Terracuda™. The black helmets include a sheet of flag, logo, and letter decals for user customization.

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