Autodarkening welding helmets have three arc sensors

July 24, 2007

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced two designs to its Performance Series™ line of autodarkening welding helmets.

The Motorsports™ helmet features a competition yellow background with red and green tearaways and checkered-flag graphics on all sides. Fire Storm™, which replaces Red Flame and Black Flame, unites the graphic themes of both helmets with yellow and red flames along the front, sides, and top of a black background.

The new helmets have three arc sensors, a quick-release front cover lens holder with a rubber spatter gasket, and lens controls located at the bottom of the lens.

The helmets also include auto-on and grind mode features. Auto-on eliminates accidental arc flash by automatically detecting the arc. Grind Mode allows use of the helmet as a protective shield by preventing lens darkening while grinding.

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