Brazing alloys, solders, fluxes suitable for various HVAC applications

April 15, 2008

TurboTorch's Viper line includes brazing alloys, solders, and fluxes for various applications. The line includes five brazing rod alloys, five solders, four high-silver alloys, three fluxes, and an aluminum repair kit.

The brazing alloys are suitable for joining copper to copper and are self-fluxing in this application. Used primarily for refrigeration and HVAC tubing, the line includes silver, copper, and phosphorus brazing alloys. The alloys, which can be used on bronze and brass, feature compositions for the full range of flow and fill characteristics and are available in 28-stick packages.

The high-silver brazing alloys are cadmium-free and available in a range of compositions for various temperatures and applications, including torch, HVAC, refrigeration, induction, and vacuum. The alloys are available in wire coil form ranging from 1 troy oz. to 5 troy oz.

The SX solder is a lead-free, antimony-free solder offering a low melting point and a wide melting range. The non-toxic solder is safe for potable water and creates corrosion-resistant, leaktight joints. The company also offers a silver bearing solder in two compositions: Sl for fast-melting, free-flowing jobs; and SS for applications requiring a wider melting point. Cadmium- and lead-free, the solders are approved for the plumbing and building industries. A 95/5 lead-free solder and a 50/50 solder also are available.

The line includes a soldering flux paste, which is a water-soluble, nontoxic flux for use on copper, brass, tin, silver, galvanized iron, lead, mild steel, zinc, and malleable iron. The flux paste cleans as it solders and is an all-weather flux for use in various climates.

For use with furnace, resistance, and induction heating applications, the company's silver brazing flux paste resists high heat and has strong cleaning action, the company states. An aluminum flux paste solders aluminum at low temperatures and works with the entire line of solders.

An aluminum repair kit, designed for repairing aluminum evaporators and ducts, includes aluminum flux paste and solder. It can be used to solder aluminum to copper.