Cladding system applies corrosion-resistant alloys to pipeline inner walls

November 11, 2008

The ARC-05P from ARC Specialties is a PLC, GTAW, vertical-bore cladding system that circumferentially overlays corrosion-resistant alloys to the inner wall of carbon steel pipeline. The end result is a pipeline with the strength of carbon steel to withstand the pressure of deep sea, and the material properties of corrosion-resistant alloys to curtail the corrosive effects of sour oil.

The system features a PLC pendant box, where fundamental, analog controls such as the E-stop, joystick, and stop/run switch are set alongside an LCD touchscreen operator interface. Every welding parameter and its subsequent parameters has been worked out so that each can be customized, controlled, and monitored through a series of touchscreen displays, the company reports. The PLC includes weld schedule storage, "teach and repeat" programming, and an AVC that can fine-tune details like ramp-ups, delay times, and customized overrides.

The teach and repeat technique is a standardized feature for programming intersecting bores, integrated arc length control, and fully automatic bore welding features. The intuitive graphics for each part program on the operator interface allow the operator to modify the teach points, and then test the program to confirm accuracy before welding. The PLC is built to intercept and grow with certain add-on options like additional turntables.

The self-contained, plate-mounted unit has a 300-amp welding power supply mounted on an upper tier shelf, as well as an integrated, 150-amp, hot-wire power supply. Heavy-duty slides are counterbalanced to give the welding torch 24 in. of horizontal travel and 51 in. of vertical travel. The same slides on the L-arm configuration can be configured utilizing a manipulator, which allows for a third axis of travel.