Conversion adapters, gas diffusers work with most GMAW guns

May 8, 2007

Bernard offers conversion adapters and gas diffusers that fit its Centerfire™ contact tips and nozzles to all major GMAW gun brands.

The adapters and gas diffusers connect the consumables to Binzel®, Lincoln®, Miller®, OXO®, Tregaskiss® and Tweco® guns. Nozzle orifice sizes from -in. to -in. diameter are available. Brass or copper tapered nozzles also are available in large or small sizes for precise welding on any application. Contact tips accommodate wire from 0.023-in. to 1/8-in. diameter.

The drop-in contact tips change over without tools and are quick to replace after burn backs. They also increase electrical conductivity and heat transfer for optimum weld performance. The nozzles come with built-in spatter shields that protect the gas diffusers and facilitate smoother, less turbulent gas flow.

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