Digital arc stud welding equipment offers enhanced SPC documentation

June 17, 2008

The Smart Weld™ line of digital arc stud welding equipment is available from Image Industries with advanced data management for SPC documentation.

The documentation feature serves as a reinforcement tool for maintaining quality control measures. By reporting information such as date and time, weld tool used (1 through 4 option), mode used, weld parameters requested (time and current), and actual weld results (time, current, and voltage), users can determine whether quality standards are being consistently upheld with every weld.

SPC limits also can be entered and reported. Users determine optimal weld settings and then enter upper and lower SPC limits, which are based on real-world variations. If the weld falls outside of these programmed limits, the documentation feature alerts the user with an error message.

When the weld is complete, the user has the option to print out a documented report of the weld parameters and evaluate the effectiveness of the weld. This information is output in ASCII format, usable by a variety of common peripherals, including printers, PCs, palm-style devices, and other data storage devices connected to the welding machine's data port with a standard connector.