Flex-neck torches offer improved joint access

March 30, 2010

To help provide better joint access, Weldcraft offers several GTAW torches with flex-neck designs. The company's WP-9, WP-17 and WP-26 Series of air-cooled torches all feature an optional 'F' or flex-neck model (e.g. WP-17F) for welding applications with limited joint access and/or difficult joint angles. The company also offers valved versions of each of these flex-neck torch models (e.g., WP-17FV) for use with power sources that do not have gas solenoids.

The WP-9F and WP-9FV torches are designed for welding thin gauge materials—up to ¼ in.—and offer 125 amp DC and 100 amp AC welding capacity at 60 percent duty cycle. The torches feature a lightweight body that adds to operator comfort and control.

The WP-17F and WP-17FV torches are designed to provide high-capacity performance on thin- to medium-gauge materials. They provide 150 amp DC and 115 amp AC welding capacity and are suitable for both professional and hobbyist welding operators requiring better access to difficult joints. Both are available in 12.5- and 25-ft, one- or two-piece cable lengths with multiple accessory kits, cable covers and extension kits.

Rounding out the air-cooled flex-neck torch models are the WP-26F and WP-26FV, both 200-amp DC/150-amp AC torches (based on 60 percent duty cycle rating). These WP-26 torches have been designed with maximum performance and dependability in mind. They are suitable for use on heavy-duty continuous welding applications with limited joint access, and like the WP-9 and WP-17 models, are designed to adjust to any angle the welding operator needs.

The WP-9, WP-17, and WP-26 flex-neck torch models all feature air-cooling capabilities that eliminate the need and expense of water-cooled systems.

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