Flowmeter allows multiple gas selectability

February 13, 2007

Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. offers FlowStream® OFM Series mass flowmeters for measuring arc welding shielding gas. The meter features field selectability of multiple gases.

The meter, which also can select and measure gases for blanketing gas, purge gas, and leak detection applications, can be programmed to select a variety of clean, dry, nonaggressive gases, including argon and helium for GTAW, as well as air, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane, nitrogen, and oxygen. A gas is selected by pushing buttons on the meter face. The span of the unit's transmitted signal can be changed with push buttons also.

Totalizing capability is offered to increase the meter's ability to measure, monitor, and control the total amount of gas used in a process. The meters are available with programmable set points for flow as standard. A scaled pulse output for totalization is a selectable option. Bidirectional and battery-operated units are available.

The meters can read full-scale flow rates as low as 0.5 SCM up to 1,000 SLPM. They also now accommodate operating pressures as high as 125 PSI. NIST traceable accuracies are ± 1 percent for the majority of gases and ± 2 percent for nearly all other gases.

The rugged meters employ Laminar Flow Element technology. They feature NEMA Type 4 watertight construction for use in wet areas, are rated EMI immune for heavy industrial use, and are electrically shielded for use near welding machines, motors, and transformers. Intrinsic safety, including an appropriate barrier, is offered as an option.

Easy to use and simple to install, the meters can be mounted in any orientation. They feature built-in alarm switches and are available with LCD readout displays for flow, pressure, temperature, and total. Output options include current, voltage and frequency.

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