Fully enclosed generator features larger fuel tank

October 12, 2004

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.'s BobcatT 250 welding generator features a fully enclosed case, XENOY® protective armor on the front panel, an Accu-ratedT 10,000 W of usable peak generator power, and a 12-gal. fuel tank. Under a continuous load of 4,000 W of generator power, the unit can run for about 14 hours.

Tir-CorT technology adds more iron to the stabilizer for improved SMAW performance, smoothing the welding output and reducing spatter when welding with E7018 stick electrodes without sacrificing the E6010 performance, the company says.

The unit provides SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, and AD/DC GTAW outputs with a duty cycle rating of 100 percent at 250 amps/25 V (40 to 250 amps, 17 to 28 V). Removable service doors on the unit facilitate engine maintenance.

The fully enclosed case design reduces noise levels to 75.5 dB at rated load, one-third quieter than previous models, the company says. A redesigned airflow path reduces the possibility of blockage when the unit is truck-mounted and decreases the chance of hot air re-entering the unit. Removable service doors on the unit facilitate engine maintenance.

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