Gas blender mixes shielding gases on-site

November 12, 2013

Gas blender mixes shielding gases on-site -

CONCOA has introduced a new blender that enables users to create precise custom-blended gas mixtures on-site for industrial GTAW and GMAW applications.

Designed to eliminate cylinder handling, the BlendMaster&rade; 657 series provides 0 to 25 percent blend adjustability for two-component gases. Blending pure argon and CO2 gases, the machine maintains a ± 1.5 percent accuracy and eliminates stratified high-pressure cylinders in storage.

EquiBlend™ technology allows for full flow regardless of the mix or blend ratio. A pressure-equalization system minimizes inlet pressure fluctuations to stabilize the mix, broadening the inlet pressure range difference between the major and minor component gases.

Available as either a wall- or floor-mounted unit, the blender provides up to 1,750 SCFH at delivery pressures from 10 to 50 PSIG. A lockable enclosure helps ensure process control, and an integral line regulator supports flowmeters, regulators, and flowmeter installations.

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