Gas mixer delivers 44,617-SCFH flow rate

October 28, 2013

Gas mixer delivers 44,617-SCFH flow rate -

Witt has introduced the MG1000, a gas mixer with a flow rate of up to 44,617 SCFH. The new system generates a mixture from two noncorrosive, nontoxic gases; an EEx version is available for flammable gases.

Covering mix percentages of 0 to 100 percent, any concentration can be mixed and delivered in any volume. Any pressure fluctuations in the gas supply are compensated by the integrated pressure equalizing system.

The electropneumatic proportional mixing valve is controlled by the Gas Control 50 digital controller. This allows remote control of the mixer, including data management and evaluation, as well as export function via various interfaces. The gas mixture is monitored permanently by an analysis module before delivery. The inlet pressures and temperatures also can be monitored.

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