Gas pressure regulator maintains flow without pressure adjustments

August 12, 2013

Gas pressure regulator maintains flow without pressure adjustments -

Linde Gases has introduced the SMOOTHFLO™ gas pressure regulator. The single-stage regulator delivers performance similar to that of a multistage regulator, says the company.

The regulator delivers continuous optimal flow throughout the day with three turns of the pressure-adjusting knob on initial setup, eliminating the need for pressure adjustments to maintain desired flow and pressure. This is achieved with a lever-activated, encapsulated valve with the company's proprietary Dynamic Quadflow Stability Control (DQSC) technology. The high level of pressure stability and reduced internal forces help increase efficiency and lengthen product life, according to the manufacturer.

The break-off inlet stem is designed to help ensure that if a cylinder is damaged by a fall, the excess-flow valve will seal off any gas discharge automatically. The piston embedded safety valve prevents contaminants from blocking or entering the valve and produces pressure stability at high flow rates.

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