GMAW gun eliminates downtime associated with neck replacements

November 29, 2012

Bernard has introduced the Bernard® S-Gun™ 250-amp GMAW gun. It features a locked, rotatable neck that cannot be removed easily by the operator, but is still serviceable by maintenance.

The gun is compatible with weld cable control (WCC) systems from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. and Quik Tip™ series consumables. The consumables feature a threaded taper lock that provides heat transfer and electrical conductivity, as well as gas diffusers with positive stops. These stops secure the nozzles in a fixed position to help ensure repeatability and consistent quality.

The gun includes a steel monocoil power cable designed with lightweight steel coils that serve as a conduit for shielding gas flow and wire feeding. The coil can accommodate commonly used wire sizes from 0.045 to 0.0625 in. The handle is made of a high-impact, glass-reinforced composite that can withstand rough workplace conditions.

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