GMAW guns enhanced with new look, more flexibility

March 30, 2010

Tregaskiss has brought a new look and more flexibility to its line of TGX™ Semi-Automatic GMAW Guns—at no additional charge. Designed for light- to medium-duty welding applications, the following TGX guns are available: XL 400 amp, XL300 amp, XS 300 amp, XS 260 amp, and XS 180 amp.

Suitable for light fabrication, hobbyist welding, and repairs, these guns are a complement to the company's TOUGH GUN™ GMAW guns, which are designed for more demanding, higher amperage welding applications.

The guns now feature a black polymer armored-style gooseneck and grey gun handles, black triggers, and a completely new rear handle. Available in three standard lengths of 10, 12, and 15 ft., all feature the company's TOUGH LOCK™ Retaining Heads with dual taper technology. The locking system is designed to keep consumables running cooler and lasting longer.

The new gun is recommended for customers who answer yes to one or more of the following:

  1. The welding gun will be used in light- to medium-duty welding applications with intermittent arc on times.
  2. The welding gun will be used in a light fabrication or repair, or a hobby-welding environment.
  3. I need a gun cable that is less than 15 feet.
  4. I do not require a GMAW gun customized with special triggers, goosenecks, consumables, etc.

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