GMAW machine eliminates welding parameter guesswork

February 13, 2007

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.'s Millermatic® 140 is designed to eliminate welding parameter guesswork. The user simply has to set the wire diameter and material thickness. The patent pending Auto-Set™ technology automatically sets wire-feed speed and voltage to achieve optimal welding results.

Available with and without Auto-Set, the machine also provides smooth, spatter-free starts through exclusive Smooth-Start™ technology, improving weld quality and decreasing the need for spatter clean up, the company says.

The Auto-Set feature works with C25 gas (75 percent argon, 25 percent CO2) and either 0.024 in. or 0.030 in. solid wire. A keychain material thickness guide is included with the machine to help the user determine the thickness of the material being welded.

The machine also provides an easy-to-use chart and a manual mode feature that allows the user to manually set wire-feed speed and voltage for broader applications. The 115-V all-in-one machine can weld up to 3/16 in. in a single pass. It replaces the Millermatic 135.