GMAW machine enhanced

March 13, 2007

The new Millermatic® 180 all-in-one GMAW machine features Smooth-Start™ technology to initiate the arc in a more controlled manner, providing smooth, spatter-free starts for improved quality and reduced rework.

The Millermatic 180 (single-phase 230V input; 135 A at 22VDC, 30 percent duty cycle output) has enough power to weld 5/16-in. mild steel in a single pass. It replaces the Millermatic 175, which had a 1/4-in. mild steel capability.

The machine also features infinite voltage control with manual on/off wire-feed speed tracking. When turned on, wire-feed speed tracking automatically adjusts wire-feed speed when the voltage is adjusted, providing a broader operating range without having to adjust two controls. When off, wire-feed speed and voltage controls act independently.

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