GMAW nozzle reamers enhanced

January 15, 2008

Tregaskiss offers the next generation of Tough Gun® reamers. The reamer quickly cleans and removes spatter from GMAW nozzles to help ensure long consumable life, good gas coverage, and reliable arc starts.

New features include internally mounted valves and seals around points of entry to protect against contaminants. External setup switches also are sealed and allow for independent operation of the sprayer and spindle to expedite manual setup of the reamer. The check valve on the sprayer now is electrically operated.

Users can reach internal components without tools via a hinged access door. Quick-disconnect wiring allows replacement of worn valves without rewiring. A quick-change base plate allows users to remove and replace the reamer quickly.

Other new features include a four-sided V-block that is compatible with multiple nozzle sizes and a series of switches that help simplify setup.

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