GMAW package provides job site portability

December 7, 2004

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the Millermatic Passport™ GMAW package designed for job site portability. The package includes an inverter-based GMAW power source, wire feeder, self-contained shielding gas system, and gun.

The unit weighs 45 lbs. (56 lbs. with an 8-in. wire spool and 12-oz. CO 2 shielding gas), provides 25 minutes of welding time (25 ft. of weld on 3/16-in.-thick material with one cylinder of gas), and has a 30- to 180-amp current output range. Multivoltage plug (MVP™) and Auto-Line™ power management technology enable the unit to connect to 115- and 230-V power by choosing the right plug and without removing the cover to relink the power source.

Inverter-based technology enables quick arc control. By flipping a switch, an operator can select between the internal CO2 gas supply or bulk supply. An arc control button allows the operator to select either a crisp arc for mild steel or a softer arc that provides better wet-out on stainless steel.

When operated on 230-V primary, the unit provides a GMAW and FCAW output current of 30 to 180 amps (20 percent duty cycle at 150 amps). When operated on 115 V, the unit has a 30- to 140-amp output current range (20 percent duty cycle at 110 amps).

The carrying case is made from impact-resistant plastic.

Potential applications include maintenance and repair, construction, fabrication in the shop and field, and motorsports teams.

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