GMAW power sources designed to produce GTAW-like appearance

June 9, 2009

Thermal Arc® offers the PowerMaster® SP range of SmartMIG™, PulseMIG™, and TwinPulse® GMAW power sources. These fully digital, microprocessor-based machines offer precise weld control using intelligent pulsing and synergic wave design, the company reports.

Simultaneous microprocessor control of the wire feed speed, arc current, and voltage helps ensure a clean, GTAW-like finished appearance with GMAW productivity and reduced cleanup.

Available in systems from 320 to 500 amps, the machines come in semiautomatic and fully integrated automation platforms. They are preprogrammed with up to 100 filler metal and shielding gas combinations with additional capacity for 100 separate user-defined programs or jobs.

Features include an 80-kHz inverter platform, a RobotTool™ digital advanced automation interface; a TipTronic™ CAN-bus digital control platform for remote control capability; EasyLink™ 200- to 500-V, single- and three-phase voltage; SmartLogic™ protection for incorrect input voltage selection; HDP™ high-definition pulse; HSP™ high-speed pulse; FTT™ fresh tip treatment; one-touch synergic control; and a lockout facility.