GMAW products designed to enhance productivity

October 11, 2005

Bernard® Welding Equipment's Centerfire™ gas diffusers, contact tips, and nozzles work together to improve productivity in GMAW applications.

The threadless contact tips drop in the gas diffuser and are locked in place by tightening the nozzle. They do not require tools to change, simplifying replacement after burnback. When coupled with the correct nozzle, they stay fixed either at 1/4-in. or 1/8-in. recess, flush, or 1/8-in. stick-out.

Hand-tightened nozzles come with built-in spatter shields that protect the gas diffusers and facilitate smooth, less turbulent gas flow. The solid, concentric relationship between the contact tips and nozzles keep the tips centered and fixed at the desired position.

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