GMAW system power source includes fully integrated data-monitoring capability

November 29, 2010

GMAW system power source includes fully integrated data-monitoring capability -

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the Axcess® E with Insight™, a GMAW system that includes fully integrated data-monitoring capability within the power source. The Insight weld process management system is embedded into the multi-GMAW platform to provide information to operators, supervisors, welding engineers, production managers, quality managers, maintenance professionals, and manufacturing management.

The system uses Part Tracking™ to monitor the fabrication of each part on a weld-by-weld basis. Each weld is monitored in accordance to preset parameter limits, facilitating the detection of, for example, missed welds, underwelding, and overwelding.

The system software can be configured to notify operators or management when a weld has not met the expectations for current, voltage, wire feed speed, gas flow, or duration. The exclusive Insight Reporter™ provides information that helps management make informed decisions that drive continuous operational improvement.

The Insight Centerpoint™ graphical user interface provides users with access to all welding data and monitoring settings. It can be tailored to specific monitoring requirements and preferences. The system's HMI can be used to guide operators through the production of a weldment in a step-by-step fashion, including counting welds to help ensure that none are missed.

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