GTAW torch offers penlike control

October 10, 2006

Weldcraft's WP-50 air-cooled GTAW torch is extremely small and offers penlike control in tight quarters and on paper-thin material.

The torch is rated at 60 percent duty cycle up to 50 amps and is capable of precision work, including welding applications that deal with very thin base metals.

The torch head is 5/8 in. long and 3/8 in. dia. Available with 70- or 180-degree head configurations, the entire torch is 8 in. long and in. in diameter at its widest point. Compatible tungsten diameters include 0.020, 0.040, and 1/16 in.

The torch can be ordered with a 12.5- or 25-ft. power cable and is available with a built-in gas control valve for use with power sources that do not have solenoid valves.

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