GTAW torch withstands high-amperage applications without overheating

October 14, 2008

Weldcraft's WP-12 water-cooled GTAW torch is designed to withstand high-amperage applications without overheating, minimize downtime, and improve operator comfort. It is rated at 500 amps at 100 percent duty cycle for DC GTAW.

The torch features 100 percent copper construction to help ensure maximum thermal conductivity, reliable arc starting, and consistent performance, states the company. Heavy-duty components and a sealed water chamber enable the torch to withstand high temperatures, even during continuous-duty applications.

The torch is available with 12.5- or 25-ft. power cable assemblies, along with cable covers that help protect against job site damage. An AK-7 accessory kit, also available for the torch, includes additional collets, collet bodies, nozzles, back caps, and tungsten.

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