GTAW torches designed for use on thin materials, limited-access joints

November 1, 2010

Weldcraft offers two Micro-Tig® torches for use on thin materials and limited-access joints. According to the manufacturer, both torches feature lightweight, short torch bodies that allow penlike control on complex applications, including those in the aircraft and aerospace industries, artistic metalworking, and welding applications using extremely thin base metals.

The WP-50 air-cooled GTAW torch provides 50 amps DC (40 AC) of welding capacity at 60 percent duty cycle. Its miniature 80-degree torch head is 0.625 in. long and 0.375 in. in diameter, allowing it to be maneuvered in tight spaces. The entire torch is 8.5 in. long and 0.75 in. in diameter at its widest point. A valved version (WP-50V) is available for use with power sources that lack a gas solenoid.

Similarly, the WP-125 water-cooled GTAW torch is available in three models. The WP-125S features a 2-in. torch body, while the WP-125M torch body is 3.5 in. long. The largest of the models, the WP-125L, features a 5-in. torch body. All can weld 125 amps DC (90 amps AC) at 60 percent duty cycle.

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