Heavy-duty turntables available in cast iron, stainless steel

July 11, 2006

SKF® Linear Motion & Precision Technologies has introduced its heavy-duty turntables operation in work and assembly stations, welding tables, swivel product displays, material container stands, and fifth wheels.

The turntables, offered in sizes up to 7.25 in. long and 2.95 in. high, are available in cast iron or stainless steel. They can accommodate loads from 1,000 to 25,000 lbs. depending on the model. All sizes can be specified as lockable or nonlockable units.

Users can choose hollow shaft versions for applications that involve the passage of electrical wires. The turntables mount using recommended bolts or can be welded directly to fixtures. The bottom flange fastens first with standard-size bolts, and top plates incorporate tapped holes for simplified assembly.

All bearings are greased and sealed for life, eliminating the need for future lubrication.