Lightweight GTAW machines weld material up to 0.375 in. thick

January 7, 2014

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the Dynasty® 280 and Maxstar® 280 GTAW/SMAW-capable machines. They can weld metal up to 0.375 in. thick, but are more lightweight and portable and use less energy than machines with similar output capabilities, according to the manufacturer.

The 52-lb. AC/DC Dynasty 280 is intended for industrial manufacturing applications and heavy fabrication, while the 47-lb. DC Maxstar 280 is intended for industrial applications, construction, and heavy fabrication.

Both machines deliver up to 280 amps of output power, along with a smooth, stable arc to handle small or large jobs. The pulse feature can reduce heat input, increase travel speeds, and help improve arc directional control, the manufacturer reports. Auto-Line™ technology allows the machines to be hooked up to any input voltage within the specified range.

Pro-Set™ technology provides preset welding parameters. The control panel's LED-illuminated standby/power switch indicates whether the machine is unplugged or turned off at its main switch, turned on but in standby mode, or energized and ready to weld.

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