Lightweight welding helmets feature enhanced field of vision

November 10, 2009

Fronius offers the Vizor 3000 welding helmets in Standard, Plus, and Professional styles, along with corresponding Air models. The field of vision has been increased by 33 percent over the previous Vizor 1000 welding helmet, while the weight has been decreased by 15 percent.

On all models, the cover plate is located farther back, offering protection against scratches and dirt. Automatic darkening helps ensure visibility and safety when welding. The helmets also offer permanent UV/IR ray and heat protection.

The Air Plus version has continuously variable protection settings from 9 to 13, providing protection from 60 to 450 amps. The Plus and Professional models allow more precise control through greater continuous adjustment between 9 and 13 or 5 and 13, respectively. These models also are equipped with replaceable backup batteries for the solar-powered LCD.

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