Limited-edition Captain America welding helmet introduced

August 15, 2011

Limited-edition Captain America welding helmet introduced -

Lincoln Electric has introduced the limited-edition Captain America™ VIKING™ 2450 series welding helmet. It features Marvel®'s Captain America comic character bearing an American flag motif and armed with his shield.

The solar-powered helmet is battery-assisted with user-replaceable lithium batteries. Viewing area height is 2.4 in. in a U.S. standard 5.25- by 4.5-in. lens cartridge size with four arc sensors. The shade level is adjusted with an internal continuously variable 9-13 shade control. Variable delay allows the user to adjust the time required to bring the helmet from a darkened view back to the light state, while variable sensitivity controls the cartridge's performance in different environments.

An internal grind mode allows the helmet to be used as a grinding shield for weld prep or post-weld cleanup activities. For the GTAW process, the helmet is rated to perform at 3 amps DC and 5 amps AC polarity.

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