Liquid propane gas welding machine allows users to switch seamlessly between multiple processes

May 17, 2010

Designed for maintenance, repair, and construction, Lincoln’s Ranger® 305 LPG is an engine-driven welding machine that allows users to switch seamlessly between multiple processes. While liquid propane gas (LPG) is less common, it is required when operating in areas where gasoline and diesel engines are not permitted. This is typically the result of company policy limiting the type of engine that can be powered at a work environment.

The unit provides DC multiprocess welding for general-purpose SMAW, downhill pipe (SMAW), Touch Start TIG®, cored-wire welding, GMAW (CO2 and mixed gases), and arc gouging. According to the company, the welding machine is the only LPG compact unit in North America rated at 25 V for 300 amps of SMAW. It also accommodates CV wire welding up to 0.08-in.-dia. electrodes.

With digital weld meters, operators can preset procedures and monitor actual welding output.

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