Low-hydrogen stick electrode designed for flat, horizontal position structural fabricating

January 13, 2009

Lincoln Electric offers the Excalibur® 7028 low-hydrogen stick electrode, designed for structural fabricators working in the flat and horizontal positions. Applications include ships and bridge structures, storage tanks, and general heavy industrial fabrication jobs.

According to the company, the electrode provides smooth, even burnoff; easy restrikes; and a clean weld puddle. Its arc characteristics allow welders to deposit fillet and lap welds without undercutting.

The electrode's Charpy V-notch (CVN) is typically in the range of 60 ft.-lbs. to 142 ft.-lbs. at -40 degrees F, which exceeds the minimum fracture toughness required for a variety of structural welding applications. The low-hydrogen, high-speed, high-deposition electrode also meets the AWS H8 diffusible hydrogen limit.

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