Manual SMAW electrodes introduced

May 4, 2004

The Lincoln Electric Co. has added four new products to its Excalibur® line of all-position, low-hydrogen electrodes for manual SMAW. The electrodes are intended to provide even burnoff, optimum restrike capability and arc stability, less spatter, and easy slag removal, the company says.

The new electrodes are:

  • 7018-A1 MR – for all-position welding of 0.50 percent molybdenum low-alloy steels
  • 8018-C1 MR – moisture-resistant for welding on equipment and pipe that transport liquid ammonia, propane, and other liquefied gases
  • 8018-C3 MR –all-position for fabrication or repair of 1.0 percent nickel steels
  • 9018M MR – recommended for use on high-strength steels

The electrodes have a moisture-resistant coating. A square coating burnoff means the arc will not wander and also is resistant to fingernailing in critical out-of-position joints or joints more susceptible to arc blow conditions.

Other features include coating flexibility for less breakage of flux coating when the electrode is bent or when restriking a partially used electrode. According to the company, the electrodes also have less tendency to undercut the weld bead and provide a flat to slightly convex smooth bead profile.

The electrodes are available in 10- and 50-lb. hermetically sealed cans.

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