Metal-cored electrodes for SAW on chrome-moly steel introduced

August 10, 2010

Metal-cored electrodes for SAW on chrome-moly steel introduced - TheFabricator

Hobart Brothers has introduced two new metal-cored electrodes designed for submerged arc welding on chrome-moly steel. The Tri-Mark® Metalloy B2-S and Metalloy B3-S low-alloy SAW electrodes provide weld deposits that withstand elevated service temperatures.

Both products meet AWS A5.23 specifications for low-alloy steel electrodes and fluxes for SAW and use Hobart HN-511 flux, a high basic agglomerated flux that produces excellent mechanical properties and easy-to-remove slag, according to the manufacturer.

The B2-S electrode deposits weld metal with 1.25 percent chrome and 0.5 percent molybdenum and can be used for high-service-temperature applications, including heat exchangers, boiler and power piping, and valves. The welds created by the electrode maintain good tensile strength in the as-welded or postweld heat-treated condition and offer reliable corrosion resistance.

The B3-S electrodes provide a weld deposit with 2.25 percent chrome and 1 percent molybdenum while also creating weld deposits that maintain high strength and provide good oxidation resistance at service temperatures up to 800 degrees F. These electrodes work well on applications in the power generation industry.

The electrodes are available in diameters of 3/32, 1/8, and 5/32 in. in 60-lb. coils. Additional drum packaging is available upon request.

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