Metal-cored welding wires reduce silicon deposits

April 15, 2008

Hobart Brothers offers Tri-Mark® Metalloy Vantage™ and Metalloy Vantage Ni1 gas-shielded, metal-cored wires. The wires include patented technology that reduces silicon island formation and produces weld bead toe lines that are almost completely free of silicon deposits, states the company.

The Vantage wire is suitable for welding on carbon steel and is designed to create a low level of spatter. Applications include railcar, automotive, and heavy-equipment manufacturing and general fabrication.

The Ni1 wire is designed for welding nickel-molybdenum steel and is suitable for applications requiring a high level of toughness when joining HSLA or weathering steels and when a color match is not necessary. Applications include structural steel and large light and electric transmission poles.

Available in a variety of packages and diameters, both wires offer additional features designed to minimize rework and cleanup, including improved wetting action, gap bridging, and side-wall fusion; increased travel speeds; and high deposition rates. They are suitable for single- and multiple-pass welding in flat and horizontal positions using 75 to 95 percent argon with a balance of CO2.

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